vrijdag 29 maart 2013

Various Stages of Completion...

I've been working on several knitting projects lately, and as the title suggests, they are in various stages of completion;
  • there is one Finished Object (this pair of socks that had been on my needles for months now, it was definitely time to get it finished)
  • there is one Nearly Finished Object (my Stained Glass Staccato cardigan)
And then, there is this box of yarn that I ordered from Penelope Craft. The box contains enough yarn for several projects, and I think that I will start three projects right away (so those are three projects about to get started - but more about that in a later post).
I would have loved to go to the Brei- en Haakdagen, today and/or tomorrow, but that's just not possible for me yet. I'm sure I would have bought a lot of yarn there, so I felt that ordering this box of yarn was a good alternative ;)
And as a nice extra the box also contained a Penelope Craft bag, so that made me happy too!

vrijdag 22 maart 2013

Snowflake Baby Sweater

This week I finally finished this Snowflake sweater that I made for my colleague’s baby girl Floortje. I used my basic baby sweater pattern for the sweater, and I tried various methods for making the snowflake (fair isle, intarsia, double stitching). The double stitching technique worked best for me, so that's how I did the snowflake.
The sweater was knit out of Lang Merino 120, and I really like to use this yarn for baby sweaters. It's a superwash yarn, so you can machine wash it (and don't tell anybody - as you're not supposed to do this according to the label - but I even throw it into the dryer afterwards and it always comes out fine :)

zondag 10 maart 2013

Stained Glass Staccato

I needed to order some more yarn before I could really get on with my new knitting project (which is another 'Staccato' cardigan by Kirsten Kapur), but as soon as the yarn arrived I made a start. I'm knitting this cardigan out of Cascade 220, the same yarn that I used for my previous Staccato. The border that I'm making is based on a stained glass panel that I made a couple of years ago. It's a simple design, and I've also used it for cross-stitching a small border on a pair of jeans once. (Note to self: must do that again some time!)

woensdag 6 maart 2013

More Colourful Projects

I still love to work on colourful projects, so I'm glad that I can do a little bit of stitching most days now (still working on the beautiful Mexican Tree of Life by Emily Peacock Tapestry).
Also I decided that I was ready to start on another knitting project. I'm wearing my Staccato cardigan (a Kristen Kapur design) all the time, so I decided to make another one. This one will be light gray for the biggest part, but it will have a colorful border that will be inspired by a stained glass panel that I made a couple of years ago. I did a little sketching this afternoon and some maths this afternoon, and I'm all set to go now, I'm really looking forward to this project!