zondag 21 augustus 2011

Holiday Souvenir Cushion #1

As you may have noticed I'm quite into making cusions these days. So here's another one that I made as a holiday souvenir. It's quite a special holiday souvenir actually, because one part of it was made out of a present that was given to me by my late aunt Hedi during our vacation in Mauterndorf in 1977 (34 years ago!) and the other part was bought during our vacation in Mauterndorf last month. I decided to embroider these pieces of information onto the cushion cover to make the cushion even more special to me.

New cushion cover

This chair used to belong to my late aunt Els and there was a cushion to go with it. But this cushion was now looking a bit tatty, to say the least. So I decided to give it a new cover so that I could use the cushion again.

  • I started out by drawing a pattern of the cushion onto a piece of paper.

  • I then spent 1.5 euro to buy a bit of left-over curtain material at the HEMA and used my pattern and this material to sew a new cover for my cushion.

  • Next I used the pattern again to crochet one side of a cushion cover (making sure to write down exactly how I did this, where to make increases and decreases, etc.).

  • I then crocheted a second piece just like the first one.

  • Finally I crocheted the two parts together around the cushion and hey presto, there was my recycled cushion!


As you may have guessed I've been away for a while :) We spent two wonderful weeks in Mauterndorf, Austria. There were wonderful old buildings, lovely flowers, lots of beautiful knitted, crocheted and embroidered items to be seen everywhere, and of course there were mountains! I came back with lots of inspiration, and with lots of souvenirs too.