donderdag 23 juli 2015

Another Little Sarah Lund

About a year and a half ago I made a little Sarah Lund key chain for my sister Irene, and now I finally finished one for myself. Sarah Lund (main character from the series 'The Killing') is now attached to one of my shoulder bags. I bought the pattern via Ravelry, but the designer (Whodunnknit) also has a website.

woensdag 22 juli 2015

New for Now at the Rijksmuseum

Last Sunday my friend Carolien and I visited 'New for Now', an exhibition of fashion prints at the Rijksmuseum. There was a lot to see and admire, both old fashion prints and new ones.When you scroll to the bottom of the exhibition's web page, you can get access to all digitalized fashion prints in the Rijksmuseum collection.

woensdag 15 juli 2015

Weversmarkt Hoorn 2015

Today I visited the Weversmarkt Hoorn, for the first time ever. Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate, but I still enjoyed it and I bought various things. My favorite buy was an incredibly cheap vintage tapestry kit of the castle of Cochem (Germany). The kit includes everything you need to make this tapestry, including the printed canvas  which measures 40 cm by 50 cm. In 2012 we spent our Summer holidays in Cochem, so I recognized the castle right away and I'm really looking forward to working on this tapestry.

vrijdag 10 juli 2015

Het geheim van de Middeleeuwen in gouddraad en zijde

Gisteren bezochten vriendin Marjon en ik de tentoonstelling 'Het geheim van de Middeleeuwen in gouddraad en zijde' in het Catharijneconvent in Utrecht (nog te zien t/m 16 augustus). Er was heel veel prachtig middeleeuws borduurwerk te zien, en het was nauwelijks te geloven dat dit al 500 jaar oud was. 
Wat mij eigenlijk toch het meeste aansprak was het borduurwerk op hedendaagse kerkelijke gewaden dat te zien was op een tentoonstelling over Atelier Stadelmaier uit Nijmegen, vooral het werk uit de vijftiger en zestiger jaren vond ik heel inspirerend. 
Ook was het erg leuk om Ulrike Mulners 'live' te zien goudborduren en je kon haar vragen stellen over hoe ze dit deed. De combinatie van oud borduurwerk, nieuw borduurwerk en live borduurwerk vond ik heel geslaagd, het was een leuke en inspirerende dag.

zondag 5 juli 2015

Finished Project(s) + New Project

I finally finished this sweater that I started ages ago. It's knit out of Araucania Ranco Sock, and I used Lana Grossa Merino Superfein for the circles. It's far too warm to wear a sweater right now, so I put it away immediately and started knitting squares for a blanket out of my left-over yarn.
The painting is a rather large FO by my eldest daughter Jessica, who brought it back from school now that she graduated.