zondag 15 september 2013

More Steps

This week I finished the Steps scarf/shawl that I made for my sister Irene.
In the beginning of this year, I heard that my Steps pattern was accepted for the Spring/Summer 2013 issue of Knitty, and of course I was thrilled. However, I was asked if I could send them some additional photo’s of the Steps modeled on a real person. That was a bit of a problem for two reasons. First of all, I was ill at that time and I could not do any modeling myself. Also it was in the middle of Winter and it was very cold outside, so making Spring/Summer-like pictures wasn’t easy either. Luckily my family was able to help me out. My two daughters agreed to do the modeling for the photo’s. And to solve the ‘wrong-season’-issue, I decided to take the photo’s inside, against a background provided by a large painting that my multi-talented sister Irene made for me a couple of years ago.

So when Irene hinted that she would love to have a Steps too, I was of course happy to make one for her. Again I used yarn by Loret Karman, but this time I chose a different Dutch Palette (based on Breitner’s painting ‘The Girl in the Red Kimono’) that contained colours that I thought would look great on my sister. I also made her a set of fingerless mitts, out of some of the left-over yarn.
These fingerless mitts are easy to make and they are fun to wear. I’ll make sure to write the pattern down maybe later this week.

In the meantime I’ve already started another Steps for myself, using 15 different types of left-over sock yarn for the Steps. I’ll post photo’s some other time, but again I love how this one is turning out :-)

zondag 8 september 2013

Works in Progress

In the last two weeks I've spent many evenings working on my Summer of 2013 Project (the Mexican Tree of Life by Emily Peacock Tapestry), it's so addictive! I'm showing you a Before and After photo, so you can see the progress that I've made. 

Other projects that I've been working on are 
- the Steps shawl for Irene (which is nearly finished, I just need to weave in a couple more ends)
- a pair of fingerless mitts for Irene, out of some of the left-over yarn from the Steps shawl 
- some socks (they are my on-the-road knitting project) 

But most of my time has been spent on the Summer Project. I'm so curious to see what the finished project will look like. Just a couple more weeks, and then it will be finished, I'm sure. I can't wait!