zaterdag 5 september 2009


Yesterday, there were two really beautiful things in the mail. First of all there was the Fermob-catalogue, full of beautiful garden furniture in the most wonderful colours. It will be difficult to make a choice, that's for sure! The photo's in the catalogue are really beautiful too and I will really enjoy looking through this catalogue over and over again.
And the second thing in the mail was the Give Away parcel sent by Ballee. Youngest Daughter helped me open it and immediately asked if she could have the stickers because she really liked them (she has such good taste!). I really loved the parcel's contents and I'm now thinking of what I can make from these two skeins of wool. The colours are really beautiful. Once I've made something out of them, I'll be sure to post pictures here. Thanks again, Puk!
Apart from drooling over the items I found in the mail, I spent most of yesterday afternoon (and evening) on making preparation for Youngest Daughter's birthday party that was held this afternoon. It was a Totally Spies party and, luckily, Youngest Daughter and her friends turned out to be really good spies themselves. They even managed to find Sam, Alex and Clover who had been kidnapped and who were found to be held in various places in our living room, can you imagine!

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