vrijdag 4 december 2009


I like every time of the year, but I especially like time between mid-November and December 5th because then Sinterklaas is in the country!
So in our family we're all busy buying presents for each other, making ingenious disguises around some of the presents and writing Sinterklaas poems to accompany the presents. And of course all this is surrounded by a lot of secrecy, which makes it even more fun. Yes, I love this time of the year!
Yesterday evening we visited the school of our youngest daughter to admire all the disguised presents that the pupils (sometimes with quite a bit of help from their parents...) made for each other. This is always my favourite 'kijkavond' of the year.
At work we received a book as a Sinterklaas-present. And today, while I was on the train traveling from Utrecht to Schiphol, some Zwarte Pieten came aboard and told the passengers that if you had a book with you, they would hand out a free book to you as a Sinterklaas present. And since I never travel without having a book with me, I was one of the lucky people to receive a free book, lucky me!

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