dinsdag 8 november 2011

Two-Side-Slips Cloche (based on the Side Slip Cloche pattern by Laura Irwin)

After I finished the first Side Slip Cloche, I thought I’d like to make another one, but this time with slips on both sides of the cloche instead of just on one side.
In order to be able to make this symmetrical cloche, I had to adjust the pattern a little bit.
Instead of knitting just one band, I now had to make two parts; a small (rectangular) part and a bigger part (with slips on both ends).
I have been using Alta Moda Alpaca by Lana Grossa (colourshade 12) for this new cloche. It's a thicker yarn than the pattern called for, so for the hat part I cast on less stitches than the pattern called for and I made no increases.
Also, in this second cloche I started decreasing a bit earlier than in the first cloche, and I made decreases into 8 equal parts instead of 6.
I love how my symmetrical side slips cloche turned out. It also feels nice and warm, and I’m sure I will be wearing it a lot this winter. I really love this pattern!

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