zondag 30 september 2012

Two Exhibitions and14 Skeins of Yarn

So what have I been up to, lately? Yesterday, I visited the preview of the ‘Het ambacht van Jan Taminiau’ exhibition in the Audax Textielmuseum in Tilburg. Jan Taminiau is a Dutch fashion designer, who has done a lot of experimenting with unusual ways of weaving garments, and with using unusual yarns such as reflective yarns and glow in the dark yarns. It was also possible to take workshops in specialized embroidery, which I didn’t end up doing, but I think it’s a great initiative to offer such workshops.

Then today I visited the Kunstfort Vijfhuizen, to attend the opening of the ‘Front to Back’ exhibition with work by Dutch textile artist Fransje Killaars. She likes to make colorful work, and as many of you may know, I love a bit of color myself.

In fact, I recently bought a lot of skeins of Cascade 220, in 12 different colors. I will use the yarn (well, part of it) to knit myself a scarf. I’m using a new pattern that I have been working on lately. I tried it out in acrylic yarn first, until I was satisfied with the result. And now I want to try it out ‘for real’, using my Cascade 220 yarn.
There will be both a rectangular version of the scarf and a spiral version, but I’ll do the rectangular version first. I’m hoping to be able to show you this first rectangular scarf soon.
By the way, I bought the Cascade 220 at Penelope Craft in Amsterdam. It’s a nice little shop that’s certainly worth a visit if you are in the neighbourhood.

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