zaterdag 13 april 2013

April Accessories: Scarf, Hat and Mittens

Up until very recently it has been very cold for the time of year here in the Netherlands. So I used the yarn that I ordered from Penelope Craft - about a week or two ago - to knit myself a scarf, a hat, and a pair of mittens, to go with my summer coat ( because I'd really like to start wearing my summer coat, but of course I don't want to be cold!)
For the scarf I used my own Steps pattern, for the mittens I used the Mittens 101 pattern by Kate Atherley, and for the hat I also used my own pattern (that's the hat pattern that I still haven't written down...)
The bag - which was ingeniously made using strips of magazine paper - comes all the way from Cambodia and it was kindly gifted to me by my former employer. I love this bag; I love the way that it is constructed and I also love how colourful it is, it makes me happy :)

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