zondag 12 oktober 2014

Tadaaa! Stars over Corn Finished

Yes, the Stars over Corn cushion is all finished, so now we have two Emily Peacock Tapestry design cushions on our couch (the other one is Mexican Tree of Life). And since I felt like making another one, I decided this time to buy the 'Flowers' kit from Emily Peacock's Etsy shop.

Last week I also made a cushion out of vintage fabric that was a gift from my friend Carolien. After I finshed making this, I still had some material left, so I sewed that onto a cushion cover that I bought. So that means we had three new cushions in a week :-)

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  1. Saw your beautiful Steps Shawl in Knitty. You are like me in that we do more than knit. Your needlework is beautiful!