donderdag 10 september 2015

Lots of stitching and a little bit of knitting

Let me first show you the little bit of knitting that I've done recently; these are socks that I knitted for Jessica.

Then there has been a lot of stitching these past few months, and here is what I finished.

This is 'Forest River' (RTO Art. EH348). I received this kit as a Sinterklaas present last year.

Next, this is RICO design kit 79909.54.00. I bought this kit during our summer vacation in Heidelberg and I've stitched it there as well.

This is 'Spakenburg' by Thea Gouverneur. This kit was a birthday present that Carolien gave me. I made some slight alterations, like I left out one of the boats and I did the eyes a little different.

The pattern for this squirrel came from the book Mollie Makes - Woodland Friends. I added an extra colour plus the acorn.

And finally, this is 'Man's Best Friend' by Magie Hollingworth. I made this cushion cover as a present for my mom's 90th birthday. It was so much fun to make this cushion and to have all these dogs look at you while stitching. I bought this kit from The Tapestry Shop during a previous edition of the Handwerkbeurs.

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