dinsdag 19 januari 2010

Peppy's Serpentine Scarf/Sjaal

I finished knitting my grey sweater (I still have to sew it up, though) and I finished knitting the Myrtle Leaf shawl (but I haven't blocked it yet). So it was time to start a new knitting project. I had originally planned to do another lace project, but because there were a lot of things on my mind this last week, I was afraid I'd make a lot of mistakes when trying to knit lace. That's why I decided to go start knitting the Serpentine scarf from Not Just More Socks, by Sandi Rosner . As it turned out, I still made several mistakes, and I had to start over twice before everything went as it should. But now I'm really happy with this project, it's a fun to knit this and I love the colours (I'm using Noro Kureyon Sock yarn, shade 95).

The scarf is made using short rows, so to make the counting easier I lay a piece of red yarn at each turning point, so that I only have to count 5 stitches after the previous piece of string instead of having to count all the stitches in the row. I use 3 pieces of string in total, so that I can easily see in which direction I am working. At each new turning point I pull out the piece of string that is the furthest removed from this point and lay it at the new turning point. I find this method works very well for me and it prevents me from making mistakes.

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