zondag 15 augustus 2010

Holiday Craft Project #1: Crochet

This year I took 3 craft projects with me on vacation to the Black Forest (Germany). It turned out that bringing 3 projects was a wise decision, you'll see why if you read the whole story about the 3 projects.

Anyway, the first project I took was - of course - my crochet project, the All Shawl, by Doris Chan. I had noticed that I had made a couple of mistakes, so I corrected these first and then I crocheted on happily, enjoying every bit of this project tremendously. I had almost finished the body of the shawl before we even reached our holiday destination, because we traveled by train and crocheting on the train went very well. And even though I put myself on an All Shawl diet, trying to crochet only a couple of rows each day, the shawl was finished within the next couple of days.

So that was my holiday craft project #1. After we got home, I blocked it and now it looks even better. I really love this shawl (love the colours too!).

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  1. De kleuren zijn inderdaad geweldig! Ik hou wel van die pauwenstaartkleuren. Het patroon vind ik ook méér dan geslaagd. Maar dat wist je al.