woensdag 18 mei 2011

Knitting Books and Crochet Books (and some Knitting too)

Here you see some knitting books and crochet books that I've bought recently. I bought the 'Kaffe Knits Again' book because I love the designs in this book and I also love to see Charleston in the pictures. The people that lived in this house were so incredibly creative, they decorated everything that could possibly be decorated in the house. The designs in the 'Amazing Crochet Lace' book by Doris Chan gave me ideas for other designs as well, so that's another useful book to have. The '300 haaktips en technieken' book by Jan Eaton is a book that I wish I had bought earlier. It taught me lots of useful crochet techniques and solutions. And finally, the 'Boutique Knits' book by Laura Irwin is a book that I bought most of all because of the hat that's on the cover page. I'm planning on knitting this hat out of some Rowan Kid Classic that my Ravelry friend from Colorado sent me a while ago, I'm really looking forward to knitting that. But first I want to finish the skirt that I'm working on. It's quite a bit of work, so I'm making slow but steady progress.

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  1. Oh heerlijke boeken! Maar nog mooier: je breiwerk!!! Wauw zeg.