zondag 2 oktober 2011

But what do I do with the left-over yarn?

That's what I asked myself; what can I do with the left-over yarn? I'm making good progress with my crochet project (the bedspread), but it leaves me with a lot of left-over yarn. I thought about using that yarn for crocheting granny squares, and I may still do that some other time. But for now this post by L' Heure Bleue made me think of using the left-over yarn with a knitting nancy (in Dutch we call it 'punniken'). I didn't have one, but it was easy to buy one. I get the impression that punniken has become quite popular recently, because I saw knitting nancies at toy shops, HEMA, Dille and Kamille and even at Sissy-Boy Homeland. Oh, and I bought mine at Albert Heijn. The little plastic stick that went with that one didn't work well for me (it was too flexible), so I bought a wooden one at Dille and Kamille and that works fine. So now I have been punniking away nicely, as you can see. Of course I also asked myself what I could make out of this i-cord like structure, and I soon got an idea. But to be able to make that happen I need to make another couple of metres first. To be continued...

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I just find your blog, and i like it! :-))

  2. Hoi hoi,
    Ik moest natuurlijk direct even komen kijkennaar je kerstbal ;) je naam kwam me heel bekend voor...ik dacht nog....is dit toeval??? Neeee...geen toeval, ik draag namelijk nog steeds met heel veel plezier je peppy-scarf!
    Je kerstbal is mooi!

    groetjes Esther
    van de haakheksen ;)

  3. Heb ik weer....zet ik het in mijn enthousiasme bij de verkeerde post....LOL

  4. @Esther: Dat is toevallig!, wat leuk om te lezen dat je een Peppy-scarf hebt gemaakt!

  5. Hi from Australia! I loved your post on your punniken. Maybe you might like to take a look at Flickr Spool Knitter or might join us at Yahoo Spoolknitter for lots of ideas on what to make with your punniken/knitting nancy, hope to see you there, cheers, Maz aka spoolknitter aka crazyhaberdasher