zondag 18 december 2011

A Finished Project and a Work In Progress

You see a lot of knitted or crocheted jar cosies popping up everywhere on the internet recently, so I thought I’d try one too. This was a very fast project, I think making a design and figuring out how to go about it may have taken more time than actually crocheting it. So this is a Finished Project.
The other project that you see here is a Work In Progress. I received this button as a gift from my friend C. earlier this year, so I’ve been looking for a project to go with the button. I finally chose the Ravenscar cardigan by Sarah Hutton (out of Rowan magazine 45) for it. I’m making some adjustments because I’m using a thinner yarn than the patterns calls for and because the button is larger than the pattern calls for.I'm working on the last sleeve now, so I'm hoping this will become another Finished Project soon :)

1 opmerking:

  1. Oh, dat vestje wordt mooi zeg. en dan die knoop: geweldig! Die hoort inderdaad op een bijzonder breiwerk zoals het vest.