maandag 21 januari 2013

Colourful Project # 2 - 'Mexican Tree of Life' by EmilyPeacockTapestry

I am making good progress with my Colourful Project # 1 (the 'Staccato' cardigan by Kirsten Kapur). The back, the front and the sleeves are finished, and I am now working on the hood. I hope that in next post I will be able to show you the finished product, and I'd love to start wearing it.

In the meantime, I would like to show you my Colourful Project # 2, which - as you can see - is an embroidery project. It is called the 'Mexican Tree of Life' (for obvious reasons) and it's by EmilyPeacockTapestry. I ordered it from her Etsy shop, where you will find many more beautiful kits. This project will take a lot more time than Colourful Project # 1, but it is certainly very colourful, and I love working on it.

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  1. Dat borduurwerk.............wauw! Ik ben even bij de shop koekeloeren..........