woensdag 27 februari 2013

Mainly Hats

After having surgery, 4 weeks ago today, I spent most of my time focusing on getting better and so I haven’t done much. I’ve been reading (for example this book that was sent to me by my kind colleagues, it’s an easy read and very funny, I’m enjoying it a lot) and there have been DVD’s to watch and enjoy. There has been some knitting too, but only small projects, like these socks (I keep them in my Della Q project bag that was a Christmas present from my very first American Ravelry friend!). I’ve also been working on a very easy hat pattern. The 3 hats that you see here were all made using the same basic pattern, although there were some variations. I will write out the pattern later and post it here, maybe next week or so.

And I’m hoping that I can start working on some bigger projects again soon (I already have one in mind!)

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  1. Moest je een operatie ondergaan?! Hopelijk ben je alweer een beetje hersteld hiervan! Mocht je er nog niet helemaal zijn: Sterkte en Beterschap!

    Miriam, die morgen naar de kaakchirurg 'mag'.