donderdag 23 mei 2013

Back to the Middle Ages

Last Sunday we visited the Archeon, where we went back to the Middle Ages during a visit to the 'Grijze Jager dag'. This day was inspired by the 'Ranger's Apprentice' books and the 'Brotherband books' by author John Flanagan. There was a Brotherband-inspired fight staged in the big arena, there were knights on horses, and there were also many old techniques to be admired, including weaving, needle binding (which I had never seen before, so I found that really interesting), and drop spindling.
The weather has been rainy and quite cold for weeks here, so we were lucky in that it on this particular Sunday it didn't rain once all day, and the temperature was quite nice too.
On the way to and from the Archeon we came across several flower bulb fields (still in bloom, because of all this cold weather) and living as close to Schiphol airport as we do, one is used to seeing airplanes all the time.

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