vrijdag 17 mei 2013

One Hat, Two Fingerless Mitts, and Five Socks

Unfortunately the little cable that I used to connect my digital camera to the PC has mysteriously gone missing some time ago. This is why I haven't uploaded any photo's recently, or written any blog posts. But we've got a new cable now, yay! and I've got lots of projects to show you :)

I'll start off with my knitting projects, and - as the title already suggest - the knitting projects include one hat, two fingerless mitts, and five socks (the sixth sock is started as well by now).

The first project to come off my needles was a pair of fingerless mitts. For this I used left-overs from the Loret Karman 'Van Gogh Sunflowers' Dutch Palette that I used for making my 'Steps'.

Once the fingerless mitts were finished, I still had a little bit of yarn left. I then decided to use the Margot Wittendorp yarn that I bought at the Ambachtendag (see my previous blog post) and combine this with the Loret Karman left-over yarn, to make myself a hat.
I made a very simple hat design, and I really like how the two types of yarn (and their colours) work together in the finished product.

It has been a rather cold and rainy month of May so far, and so I have been wearing my Steps, the fingerless mitts, and the hat a lot.

Apart from this, I have been working on several shawl designs, but I haven't started knitting any of them yet. Instead I've just been knitting socks. I always enjoy that, and a girl can never have too many socks, right?!

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