zaterdag 8 juni 2013

Yay, nice weather at last!

Like many others here in the Netherlands I was so happy that the weather here finally improved, and we could sit outside. And read there. And knit. And watch the birds taking a bath. And be watched by a blackbird sitting on her nest in the tree in front of our little bench (even though you can't see her, I can assure you she's there!).
As for knitting, I finished my Simple Chevron Shawl earlier this week and I'm pleased with the way it turned out. I also did some sock knitting and finished one pair that I was working on, the other pair is half way through. And I bought new yarn! I visited a shop in Amsterdam that I had never been to before (Handmade Heaven), but I will certainly visit them again. I bought some beautiful bright very pink yarn by Loret Kaman that I just couldn't resist (I don't know what the yarn wants to be yet). And I also bought this bright green yarn by Loret Karman, plust some of her mini skeins. Together they will become a cardigan, at least that's the plan. I spent some time figuring out how I will make the cardigan, and today I started knitting. To be continued...

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