vrijdag 4 oktober 2013

Tadaaa, Mexican Tree of Life Cushion finished!

Yay, my Mexican Tree of Life cushion is finished! Last December I bought the Mexican Tree of Life kit by Emily Peacock from her Etsy site and I absolutely loved working on this project. I finally finished it this week, and in the photo's you can see what I did next in order to complete the cushion. First off I bought a white 50cm x 50cm cushion cover (with a zipper closing) at Hema in Utrecht. I also bought some DMC embroidery floss in all the colours that were used in the Mexican Tree of Life, and I used this floss to embroider some information onto the cushion cover. I then pinned the embroidery and the cushion cover onto each other (right sides facing) and stitched along all borders, except along the bottom side which I left open. I then used this open space to turn the work inside out (right sides were now facing out). I folded the hems to the inside, and then stitched along the bottom side to close this side too. Finally I stuffed a 50cm x 50cm cushion inside (via the zipper opening) and tadaaa, finished! And then today our new living room couch arrived (Fifty Nine, by Per Weiss, bought at Anno in Amsterdam) and I love how the Mexican Tree of Life cushion looks on it. And I figured that since I loved this embroidery project so much, the best thing for me to do was to just order another Emily Peacock kit. So my next project will be her Stars over Corn kit. Again I love this project, the image is unusual, and a bit mysterious, love it!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. WOWOWOWOW! Wat is dat leuk geworden, een echt topstuk!


  2. Waaaaauwwww! Wat is t ie mooi geworden! En die bank heb je bij het kussen uitgezocht?

  3. Wat ben ik laat met mijn bericht, maar het is welgemeend: wat is je kussen prachtig geworden. De steken, de kleuren, de motieven, alles is mooi. Petje af!