maandag 4 november 2013

Accessories, lots of them...

It seems I've been knitting nothing but accessories lately; one hat, one scarf, two sock, and six fingerless mitts, to be precise.

First I knitted this pair of socks for myself:
Then I knitted this hat for my friend Marjon: 
 And I knitted her these fingerless mitts as well:
I also knitted a pair of fingerless mitts for my 10-year old niece, who loves to walk the neighborhood dogs: 
 and I knitted a pair of fingerless mitts for myself, out of left-over sock yarn :
that was left over from my  Sock Yarn Stashbuster Steps:
And right now I'm knitting on another pair of socks, while waiting for some yarn that I ordered so that I can make another Steps and a kerchief pattern that I designed a while ago and that I would like to try out in really bright colours.
 So like I said, accessories, lots of them :-)

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