zondag 31 augustus 2014

1 FO and 4 WIPs

Yes, I've got a Finished Object! and I don't think I've shown it here before.
The FO is a Summer Sweater that I knitted out of Katia Soda. And it's really unusual for me, but I didn't enjoy knitting this sweater. I just didn't like the yarn. It's very uneven, which made it hard to work with. I do like the finished result though, so that's good.

I still had a lot of skeins left, and my mother suggested trying crochet to see if that worked better with this yarn. So I decided to crochet a Summer Bag out of the rest of the yarn, and that's going pretty well.

So this Summer Bag is my first work in progress. My other WIPs are
  • my Schiermonnikoog 2014 Socks
  • the 2014 Summer Project (the small cross stitch table cloth) and
  • a small labrador cross stitch project (I've really been enjoying cross stitching lately!)

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