donderdag 14 augustus 2014

Two FO's

Yes, I've got two FO's (Finished Objects) to show you.

The first FO is my new summer cardigan. I knitted it out of cotton (Catania) and the buttons were gifted to me by my friend Carolien. I love how it turned out. I finished it during my vacation in Boppard, and I'm wearing it all the time, this Summer.

The second FO is a small blanket that I crocheted out of acrylic yarn(Cotonet) that was gifted to me by my parents-in-law. They bought this (Spanish) yarn for me during their early summer vacation in Spain, and I crocheted this small blanket during our vacation at Schiermonnikoog. I think the blanket looks great with our yellow couch (which has buttons that sort of match some of the colours in the blanket).

You may be wondering if I'm working on a Summer Project too, this year, and the answer is yes, I do! I'm making good progress with it and I really like working on it. I'll see if I can post some pictures of it later this week :)

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