woensdag 6 juli 2011

My Summer of 2011 Project

You may have noticed that every summer, I choose a summer project to work on. This summer project usually is a sweater (like this one from 2010 and this one from 2009). Every time I wear one of those summer sweaters, they remind me of that particular summer, which is nice! For my 'Summer of 2011 Project' I chose not to do a sweater - for a change - but to do an interior decoration project. When I like to work in a quiet place, I usually sit in this chair in our bedroom. The chair used to belong to my aunt Els and it later belonged to an uncle of mine, who gave it to me when he had to leave his house and move to an apartment. I'm very fond of this chair, but I think the chair and the space around it could do with some improvement, so that's why I made it the focus of my Summer of 2011 Project. The first picture shows you the 'Before' situation, and during this summer I will be sure to show pictures of my progress!

1 opmerking:

  1. OOOOh looking great :) You are sooo courageous to make such a big stripy blanket :) Bravo!!!
    Have a wonderful week end!