donderdag 19 juli 2012

2012 Summer Project

So this is it, my 2012 Summer Project! It's actually not a new project, I started it in 2009 (as its Ravelry project page told me, otherwise I wouldn't have remembered). For some reason I stopped working on this project, but now I thought it was time to get it out of hibernation and make it into my 2012 Summer Project. The project is a throw or blanket to be used on on of our living room couches, and I'm using the Neat Ripple pattern by Lucy of Attic24 for it. When I took the project out of its bag, I noticed that it was bigger than I remembered, so I may even get this one finished this Summer! There is still plenty of cotton left to use in the blanket, although at a certain moment I may have to start making single rows per color, instead of two rows. There are also already a lot of ends to weave in, so I may start with doing that and then continue with the fun work, crocheting new ripples!

1 opmerking:

  1. Ow, wat een leukerd! Al die draadjes instoppen lijkt me een klus om maar meteen aan te beginnen: iedere dag een paar anders blijf je er tegenaan hikken (het is m'n hobby niet hoor, die draadjes wegwerken).