dinsdag 31 juli 2012

New Scarf Pattern

These are two scarves that I made a while ago. Both scarves are crocheted using Noro Taiyo, which is one of my favourite yarns. First I made the orange/red scarf to go with my Marimekko rain coat. We've had an unusual amount of rain these past couple of months, and I've been using my rain coat very often. And whenever it was a bit chilly, I would wear this scarf with it. For me, this outfit was guaranteed to brighten up any rainy day.

I enjoyed working with this yarn, and I enjoyed crocheting this first simple scarf, so I decided to make myself another one. Again I used Noro Taiyo, but this time I used 2 skeins instead of 1. I made the scarf 1.5 times as wide as the first one, and the scarf became 1.5 times as long too. This one I wear with my summer coat (the one that I wear when it's not raining :)

It's very easy to make these scarves. Again, just like in the Peppy scarf pattern, all you have to know is how to do chain stitches and single crochet. The set-up row and the next row may be a bit fiddly, but once you are past that, it's obvious where your stitches should go and the scarf works up very fast.
I've named this pattern the Peppy's Easy 2.0 Scarf pattern, because like I said, it's a very simple pattern. I think the pattern works best for variegated yarn that's not too thin, but that's just my personal preference. I will post the pattern in my nextblog  post. If you decide to give this pattern a try, I hope you will enjoy it!

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