vrijdag 31 januari 2014


Last weekend my youngest sister celebrated her birthday, so we first went to her home to give her presents. This year I made her two knitted items for her birthday.

The first knitted item was a little Sarah Lund (from the television series ‘The Killing’) that she can clip to a key chain or bag or something like that. I used a pattern called 'Little Knitted Sarah Lund - The Killing' by Whodunnit.

The second item that I knitted for my sister was another Steps scarf. You may remember that I made her a really beautiful Steps a couple of months ago. Unfortunately, when I dipped this scarf into water with some Eucalan to see if the main color yarn would soften up a bit, the water immediately turned dark blue. This was caused by the main color yarn (Loret Karman Fingering 80/20) bleeding badly, and the once beautiful bright colors of the steps all turned blue-ish too. This Steps was pretty much ruined, and there was no way I could give this to somebody else as a present. It was a very disappointing experience, that’s all I will say about it. Anyway, I still wanted to make my sister a Steps, so I decided to go ahead and knit her another one. I bought another Dutch Pallettes ‘Meisje in rode kimono’package, to make the steps out of, but this time I bought a beautiful skein of Malabrigo Sock in the Violeta Africana colorway for the main colour. The second Steps for Irene turned out great and my sister is happy with it too :-)

After we had given her all of her presents, we all went out to lunch in a lovely restaurant nearby (‘Thuis bij Fien’, in Wijchen). We had our lunch in a separate room upstairs, which was nice. The food was great, and so was the ‘ambiance’, so it was all very enjoyable. And there was a large mirror, which came in handy for making photos ;-)

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